How much does a Chefs Table Week meal cost?
The Chefs Table Week meal is priced per person as follows:
Bangalore - INR 2250++ ; Delhi & Mumbai - INR 2500++ (Government taxes and service charge as applicable will be charged extra)
What do I pay online, and what do I pay at the restaurant?
In order to secure a confirmed reservation, you will be required to pay a convenience fee of INR 100 per table + a reservation deposit of INR 1,000 per table online. The meal price + applicable taxes and charges will be paid directly at the restaurant after adjusting for the reservation deposit of INR 1,000 that was secured online at the time of booking.
What is the convenience fee?
The convenience fee of INR 100 per table is the amount we charge customers to use our reservation portal to avail of the special Chefs Table Week meal being offered at our partner restaurants. This is not adjusted against your bill at the restaurant, and is non-refundable in case of cancellations.

What is the reservation deposit?
A deposit amount of INR 1,000 will be charged per table at the time of booking in order to secure the table for your reservation. This is a small guarantee that we take on behalf of the restaurant in order to ensure that guests honour their reservations. This amount is refundable if guests cancel their reservations up to 12 hours in advance of the reservation time.

What does the Chefs Table Week meal include?
Chef’s Table Week menus are six-course Tasting Menus with an option between a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish in each course, with your dietary preferences being taken into consideration.

Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, you can cancel your reservation online up to 12 hours before the seating time through the 'My reservations' tab. You can cancel within 12 hours of your seating time by calling the restaurant directly. If you cannot attend your reservation, letting the restaurant know will allow someone else to enjoy this initiative in your place. Please review our Cancellation & Refund policy for any questions.
How can I switch my reservation? 
You can switch your reservation up to 12 hours before the seating time. You can do so by logging in to your Chefs Table Week account, visiting the ‘My Reservations’ tab, and selecting the ‘Switch Reservations’ option against the relevant booking.
When will my waitlisted reservation get confirmed?
The nature of being on the waitlist is that you will be offered a table only if a guest who has a confirmed reservation cancels. Even though you have paid the Convenience Fee online for a waitlisted table, please wait to receive a confirmation of your booking. Arriving at the restaurant will not guarantee you a table.
A waitlisted reservation will only get confirmed in the following cases:
-    12 hours before the seating time: If a guest with a confirmed reservation cancels his booking online, then the first guest on the waitlist will be automatically confirmed
-    Within 12 hours of seating time: If a confirmed guest cancels their booking when the restaurant makes confirmation calls, the waitlisted diners will be contacted.
If you are on the waitlist, please do not enquire about your table until 2-4 hours prior to the seating, as the restaurant will only then have an idea of whether they can accommodate your table.
My card has been charged but I have not received any email regarding my reservation. What do I do?
In case this occurs, please check your spam folders or, if using Gmail, the Promotions or Updates tab first. If you still cannot find any email, please log in to www.restaurantweekindia.com and to go to the ‘My Reservations’ tab.
If your reservation details are not displayed here, this is due to a rare situation and can occur in case of a network fluctuation at the external payment gateway at the time of confirming the transaction. In this case, please email us on [email protected] with details of the reservations - we will either try to reinstate the reservation depending on availability of tables, or will refund the amount back to you within 21 working days.

Can children be accommodated? Can they order from the a la carte menu?
Every restaurant has its own child policy. We urge you to check the restaurant profile on our website, which usually covers this information. In case this is not mentioned, please contact the restaurant regarding their child policy before making a reservation. Though most restaurants are happy to offer the a la carte menu in case your little one doesn't want the full six-course experience, please do confirm with them directly beforehand. Please note that if your child orders the Chefs Table Week menu, you will be charged the full price.
How can I change the number of people for my reservation?
Please login to your Chef's Table Week account. Under the 'My Reservations' tab, you can change the number of people next to the relevant reservation. For larger groups, please email us on [email protected] with the reservation details and we will make an inquiry with the chosen restaurant.

How many reservations can I make?
You can make a maximum of one reservation per restaurant. We would like all of you to visit each restaurant once, but only once so that others get a fair chance to try that restaurant.
Also, you can make only one reservation per seating - e.g. Only one Friday dinner is allowed. Other than this, any number of reservations is welcome!

Can I make offline reservations? Can I call directly to make a reservation?
No cheating! The website is essential to the concept of Chefs Table Week as it is an administrative and logistical tool that assists individual restaurants to handle the large number of bookings they receive during the event. The website shows you the real-time availability and is therefore better for you too - plus, we're here for support in case you cannot get the required information from the restaurant!
What happens if I'm late?
It is up to the restaurant's discretion whether they will entertain your reservation 15 minutes post your reservation time. Your table is likely to be given away if you are late - although this is the hospitality industry and we do try our best to please everyone.
Is there a dress code?
Yes, as this is a formal dining event, please dress appropriately. Shorts and open-toed shoes are not allowed for men. A smart casual dress code is preferred.

How do I contact you?
Please email us at [email protected]
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